E-Prescribing for Pediatricians

Facilitating electronic prescription transmittals

1st Providers Choice's e-Prescribing system allows providers to easily write prescriptions which can be printed to paper, faxed, or sent electronically to an eRx-participating pharmacy. Our Pediatric EMR's eRx module allows providers to:

  • Create templates for commonly-prescribed medications
  • Prescribe multiple prescriptions simultaneously
  • Reply to medication refill requests from different patients, all from a single screen

In addition, pediatricians who use e-prescribing benefit from having fast and easy access to a list of their patients' current medications and allergies. This allows providers to instantly find out about potential drug-drug and drug-allergy conflicts.


  • Increase medication adherence
  • Improve the efficiency of the prescribing process
  • Streamline the refill request and authorization process
  • Reduce prescription errors and mistakes caused by illegible handwriting