Pediatric PM Software

A fully-integrated practice management system

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1st Providers Choice's EMR-integrated practice management software is intuitive and easily customizable. With features that compile quickly accessible tasks related to scheduling, data entry and billing, IMS for Pediatric Practices is a comprehensive solution capable of adapting to the ever-changing demands of modern medical practices.

Appointment Scheduling

Our Pediatric software's appointment scheduling module is simple to navigate and even easier to use. It improves the flow of productivity and lets healthcare professionals and their staff to:

  • Track missed appointments
  • Set up appointment reminders
  • Add patients to the billing system from the scheduler
  • Manage schedules for multiple physicians and offices
  • Schedule appointments (even from the patient's chart)

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1st Providers Choice's billing software for pediatricians helps aid in data entry and improve charge capture. Our pre-claim analysis feature guarantees that required authorization information is documented so that the number of rejected claims is reduced. Meanwhile, integration with our Pediatric EMR allows authorized staff to access account balances, insurance data, co-payments and other billing information - all from the same streamlined system.

Comprehensive Reports

Our practice management software has over 400 report templates that can be used to process analytical assessments, view patient summaries, compare data, and more. In addition the software allows pediatricians to create custom reports. Learn more.

HIPAA & ICD-10 Compliant

We use HIPAA compliant practice management software. Additionally we are also prepared for ICD-10, which healthcare entities must start using for billing and reporting purposes starting October 1, 2014.

Training & Support

Our pediatric practice management software is designed with the user in mind and requires minimal training; however, we offer optional training sessions and technical support for users who desire to learn more about the software. In addition, we provide EMR setup, implementation services, customization and more.

Other Features